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With strong support from SJR Machinery, Toptech Smac now is able to offer both metal cutting and metal forming machines to our valued customers. The produce lines include lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses and hydraulic press brakes, CNC machines. With timely service and on-site training, our qualified technicians can ensure the machines’ maximum productivity. Toptech Smac also provides industrial solutions for your individual needs.

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Rddial Drilling

Keywords: machine tool  丨  grinding machine  丨  CNC

Product Detail

    15176 15177 15178
Model   ZB3060x16 ZB3080x20 ZB3080x25
Max.drilling diameter(on Medium-carbon steel) mm Ø62 Ø80
Max.drilling diameter(on cast iron) mm Ø72 Ø105
Max.tapping diameter(on Medium-carbon steel)   M46 M52
Max.tpping diameter(on cast iron)   M52 M60
Max.distance from spindle to generating line of colum mm 350-1600 450-2050 450-2550
Distance of horizontal movement for spindle box(manual) mm 1250 1600 2100
Max.distance between spindle endto the worktable surface of the base mm 350-1250 400-1620
Max.travel of the spindle mm 315 400
Spindle taper bore   MT.5 MT.6
Spindle speed step   Stepless Stepless
Spindle speed range r/min 38-275,275-2000 30-220 / 192-1400
Spindle feed steps   8 8
Spindle feed range mm/r 0.06-1.00 0.06, 0.09, 0.15, 0.23, 0.36, 0.60, 0.90, 1.38
Speed of rocker arm up and down movement m/min 1.2 1
Rotation angle of rocker arm. degree ±180 ±180
Distance of spindle movement for calibrated dial each revolution mm 122 151
Power of main motor(tranducer motor) KW 4 7.5
Power of motor for rocker arm up and down movement KW 1.7 2.2
Power of oil pump motor for spindle box,column and rocker arm clamping KW 0.75 1.1
Weight of machine Kg 3800 6800 7400
Machine dimension(LxWxH) mm 2490x1000x2508 3090x1250x3460 3590x1250x3530


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