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H/V XYZ Auto-Feeding Milling Machine

With strong support from SJR Machinery, Toptech Smac now is able to offer both metal cutting and metal forming machines to our valued customers. The produce lines include lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses and hydraulic press brakes, CNC machines. With timely service and on-site training, our qualified technicians can ensure the machines’ maximum productivity. Toptech Smac also provides industrial solutions for your individual needs.

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Milling Machine

Keywords: machine tool  丨  grinding machine  丨  CNC

Product Detail


Rectangle table guideway

Harded and groud table surface

Automatic feeds on X, Y axis

Motorized Z axis

Headstock siwel +/-45 degree


  13118 15303-7 15303-11 15303-6
Model HVM6328 HVML6332C HVML6336/HVML6336G HVML6332B
Spindle taper ISO30 ISO40 ISO40(V) ISO50(H) 7:24 ISO40
Distance from vertical spindle nose to table 140-500 200-600mm 135-485mm 150-500mm
Distance from Horizontal spindle nose to table 0-360mm 0-350mm 0-380mm 0-300mm
Range of spindle speed 16step 66-4540rpm(vertical)
12step 40-1300rpm(horizontal)
16step 66-4540rpm(vertical)
12step 60-1350rpm(horizontal)
16step 66-4540rpm(vertical)
12step 60-1800rpm(horizontal)
16step 66-4540rpm(vertical)
12step 60-1350rpm(horizontal)
Vertical quill travel 127mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Table size 1120 x 280mm 1250 x 320mm 1250 x 360mm 1250 x 320mm
Table travel Longitudinal 600mm 800mm 1000mm 600mm
Cross 240mm 300mm 320mm 300mm
Vertical 360mm 300mm 380mm 350mm
Distance from spindle axis to arm 170mm 190mm 230mm 190mm
Range of longitudinal, cross travel (8step) 12-370mm/min
(rapid 540mm/min)
(8step) 15-370mm/min
(rapid 540mm/min)
(8step) 15-370mm/min
(rapid 540mm/min)
(8step) 22-55mm/min
(rapid 810mm/min)
Z-speed of table   560mm/min 590mm/min 560mm/min
T-slot (number-width-distance) 3-14-63 3-14-70 3-18-90 3-14-70
Main motor 2.2W(V/H) 3.7Kw(vertical)
Motor for rapid device of table (X, Y) 370W 750W 1100W 750W
Motor for rapid device of table (Z) - 1100W 900W 750W
Overall dimension 1660 x 1340 x 2130mm 1820 x 1520 x 2270mm 2220 x 1790 x 2860mm 1700 x 1520 x 2260 mm
N.W./G.W. 1250/1350kg 1770/1900kg 2340/2500kg 1550/1650kg
Old model X6328 XL6332C XL6336/XL6336G XL6332B




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