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With strong support from SJR Machinery, Toptech Smac now is able to offer both metal cutting and metal forming machines to our valued customers. The produce lines include lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses and hydraulic press brakes, CNC machines. With timely service and on-site training, our qualified technicians can ensure the machines’ maximum productivity. Toptech Smac also provides industrial solutions for your individual needs.

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Product Detail

Harden and precision ground bedway, one piece complete stand

Euro-standard electrical control board available on request.


  22603 22604 22605 22606
Max. Swing over bed 410mm 460mm 510mm 560mm
Max. Swing over cross slide 224mm 274mm 300mm 350mm
Max. Swing in gap 640mm 690mm 738mm 788mm
Distance between centers 1000/1500mm 1500/2000mm
Spindle bore 58mm 80mm
Taper of spindle bore M. T. #6 M. T. #7
Range of spindle speed 25-2000rpm. 25-1600rpm.
Range of longitudinal feeds 0.03-1.7 mm/rev. 0.059-1.646 mm/rev.
Range of cross feeds 0.014-0.784Mm/rev. 0.020-0.573Mm/rev.
Range of metric threads 0.1-14mm 0.2-14mm
Range of inch threads 2-112 TPI 2-112 TPI
Diametrical pitches range 4-112D.P. 4-112D.P.
Module pitches rage 0.1-7M.P. 0.1-7M.P.
Taper of tailstock bore M. T. #4 M. T. #5
Power of motor 4kw/5.5kw 7.5kw
Old model C6241 C6246 C6251 C6256


Type of lathes Packing dimensions Net weight Gross weight
L6241 x 1000 2250 x 1120 x 1700mm 1670kg 1980kg
L6241 x 1500 2800 x 1120 x 1700mm 1970kg 2320kg
L6246 x 1000 2250 x 1120 x 1730mm 1720kg 2045kg
L6246 x 1500 2800 x 1120 x 1700mm 2020kg 2385kg
L6251 x 1500 2960 x 1130 x 1820mm 2335kg 2700kg
L6241 x 2000 3460 x 1130 x 1820mm 2685kg 3070kg
L6256 x 1500 2960 x 1130 x 1820mm 2370kg 2740kg
L6256 x 2000 3460 x 1130 x 1820mm 2720kg 3110kg




Optional Accessories

Work light

Quick change tool post

Drill chuck with arbor

4-Jaw chuck (Φ320mm)

Face plate

Leadscrew guard

Live center


Standard Accessories

3-Jaw chuck (Φ160mm)

M. T. 6/4 sleeve

M. T. 7/5 sleeve

M. T. #5 dead center

Tool box with tools

Steady rest

Follow rest

Change gears set

Coolant system

Splash guard


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