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All orders are shipped free to the US and France.

SJR Machinery Co. Ltd

All orders are shipped free to the US and France.

SJR Machinery Co. Ltd

All orders are shipped free to the US and France.



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NC Tube Punching Machine

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1. TFT human machine interface display,touch controllable display setting,digital control systems,servo motor position scaling precision,and modular memory function

2. Operational Function: inching/Automatic Functions

3. Engnieering Motion Classification:1.single puncturing operation.2.irregular interval puncturing.3.regular interval puncturing

4. Oil Hydraulic System:step-less operation adjustment,hydraulic lppps designed with zero load, combined with extremely low frequency oil pump motor,effectively reduced noise,increased motor efficiency and service duration

5. Whenever the oil cylinder is moving downward,the machine is designed with hydraulic difference driving loops rated at high or low RPM it is also featured with high speed downward moving,low speed processing and hi-speed position resume.It is available to increase the formation stability of work pieces during puncturing. In addition to increasing the activation speed,it can effectively reduce HP load to save electrical energy.

6. The electrical control system is designed with human machine in terface 150mm (Stroke available for positioning)the mold set is designed with 600mm in depth available for forward and backward 150mm moving accessibility Our machine is designed with the ltaly-made digital scale(LCD display)with high precision.

7. Our machine is adopted with Japan-made servo motor driving devices and the feedin and receiving speed can be ser to high speed and high precision to enhance tje productivity.

8. It is features with sufficient clamping force of clamping oil cylinders and the position of work pieces is stable and uneasily loose off.

9. Application:Square tube,rectangle pipe and round pipe puncturing

10. Servo Feed-in Positioning Frame Length:7000mm

11. Body:1500mm W:8200mm H:2500mm Total Weight: 5T

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