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QC11Y Series Hydraulic Shear

With strong support from SJR Machinery, Toptech Smac now is able to offer both metal cutting and metal forming machines to our valued customers. The produce lines include lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses and hydraulic press brakes, CNC machines. With timely service and on-site training, our qualified technicians can ensure the machines’ maximum productivity. Toptech Smac also provides industrial solutions for your individual needs.

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QC11Y Series Hydraulic Shear


All steel welded structure, consolidated treatment for removal of internal stress (vibrating aging, heat), with good rigidity and stability.

Integrated hydraulic gransmission system, with good reliability.

Triple support rolling guide rail to elimitnate gaps of support and enhance shearing quality.

Mechanical rear stopper with manual fine tuning, and digital indication.

Clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accrate and convenient.

Rectangular blades with four cutting edges to prolong working life,adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.

Upper blade holder has inward tilting structure to facilitate material feed in and also enhance accuracy of the work piece.

Function of shearing in sections, function of aligning with light.

Optional: rear material holding device (or for other choice).


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