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JL21 Series Open-type Fixed Table Press Of High Performance

With strong support from SJR Machinery, Toptech Smac now is able to offer both metal cutting and metal forming machines to our valued customers. The produce lines include lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, power presses and hydraulic press brakes, CNC machines. With timely service and on-site training, our qualified technicians can ensure the machines’ maximum productivity. Toptech Smac also provides industrial solutions for your individual needs.

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Power press

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Product Detail

JL21 Series Open-type Fixed Table Press Of High Performance

Main Structure Features:

Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation,ensuring the capacity for bearing heavy load.

Adjustable stroke of slide in 8 gears, to meet the punch processing for various dies.

Eight-side long rectangle guides of the slide in high moving precision and high accuracy, extending the service life of the die.

Pneumatic combination friction clutch-brake, low noise and long service life, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action.

Automatic oil lubrication system, to ensure smooth operation.

Hydraulic overload protection device achieving high sensitivity in effctively protecting against overload, to ensure convenient and reliable operation.

Automatic adjustment of the die set height marked by convenient operation (except 25T).

PLC electrical control system allows various auto-equipment reprogrammed according to different requirements and perform vaious functions, to ensure high reliabliity and high adapability.

Emergent stop, inching, single and continuous movement.

Pjotoelectric protector, feeder, air cushion and other optional accessories are available for the power press subjuct to the users denands.


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