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  What is the topic of this article?

  As: CNC bending machine maintenance knowledge.

  Why do you want to introduce this knowledge, because no introduction to the front. Here, just to see the specific content. CNC bending machine maintenance is divided into several sections: for maintenance, electrical control, lubricating device, the surrounding equipment and tool.

  1. The maintenance

  (1) to wipe the machine appearance and shielding to ensure clean both inside and outside.

  (2) the attachment is wiped clean, and cleaning the environment around the machine.

  (3) the surface of the machine tool and its corner part of the paint should be able to see color, and smooth.

  2. Electrical control

  (1) check whether the electrical box is in good condition, is damaged.

  (2) there is no damage to the electrical components, whether to need to repair or replace, element between the wiring situation are in good condition.

  (3) of the main motor is normal good operation, safe and reliable, without exception, noise, or fever.

  (4) the operation of the CNC system is accurate, whether meet the accuracy requirements; Numerical control device can accurately input.

  3. The lubrication device

  (1) the lubricating parts of the lubrication is good enough, the oil in the oil and oil cup is enough.

  (2) the body flexible conduction, do you have any blocking phenomenon.

  (3) filter is clean, jam, if any, should be clear in time.

  4. Peripheral devices

  (1) the placement of blank piece and various materials is reasonable, and safe and reliable.

  (2) a pedal switch cover whether reasonable installation and use.

  5. (1) up and down movement of tools is normal, without deviation, and action is flexible and reliable.

  (2) on the slider and the workbench parallelism are in good condition, direct control the location of the balancing valve is accurate.

  Above is the maintenance content CNC bending machine, hope can provide you with some professional guidance, is for reference only!

  For managers of investors or shearing machine enterprises, always grasp the newest trend of shearing machine industry, to be able to better manage the enterprise, so small make up today is to introduce some of the information industry, let everybody know to the industry.

  Now, the development of science and technology has been changing, processing technology has entered the superfinishing of sub-micron and nanometer level, of digital manufacture has developed to the intelligent manufacturing of CNC machine tool, such as technology integration, composite, etc., and has put forward the concept of green manufacturing. So, shearing machine industry technology development is in a sense, no development, will be facing backward elimination.

  Traditional development mode for enterprises, it now has a certain limitation, which limits the development of enterprises, so enterprise managers should change the development mode, to actively explore the market economy so as to establish a set of suitable development model and the characteristics of the machine tool industry management, so that is conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise, so as to foothold in the market, not been eliminated, this is wuxi tin forging machine tool consensus reached by the leaders.

  Have to say is, although the shearing machine industry in our country development momentum is very strong, but still need to improve on technology, strategic change is needed. The world machine tool industry is a highly internationalized, embodied in international market, the internationalization of technology and the internationalization of investment, and so on. So, for domestic shearing machine industry, should choose suitable model of machine tool industry development trend and path, is has to be, and I can't stay on the surface, should be further.

  Also, transnational mergers and acquisitions, also can adjust the industrial structure, this can open international vision, using all available resources, to achieve a win-win situation, enables the shearing machine industry to realize the innovation, so it is also a good move, worth thinking about.

  In ET - 300 CNC turret punch press, and other common CNC punch press, also use to mold. Mold a piece of this, we need to know what knowledge, to deal with it? Around this problem, here small make up a presentation, for you to solve this problem, at the same time, also spread the knowledge. Mould dismantling, maintenance and installation considerations: if the plate is thick, and the hardness of material is higher, so will shorten the service life of mould.

  1.the mold placed on the mold before, shall die a clean surrounding. After clean, in the mold spray oil, lubrication, and add the model in.

  1)intensive should maintain consistency, the specification should be the same, the direction of the edge should be consistent, if wrong, will damage the mould, so pay attention to.

  2)the mold in place, should first let the turret rotation, in order to observe between turret, without rugged phenomenon, if any should be checked to rule out.

  3)intensive should be according to the processing of materials to determine the amount of mold filling, the mould should be cleaned up after, to oil, if have scale, rust, not oil.

  2.Mould selection considerations:

  1).the diameter of the mould should be processing thickness more than twice, and as far as possible big some, at least not less than 3 mm, otherwise easy to be broken.

  2).the mold parts can not have sharp corners, should use rounding off, otherwise it will lead to mold damage, collapse Angle occur or die.

  3).the mould forming height should not exceed 8 mm, molding process should be in the end, after the rush to dismantle.

  4).the mold when not in use, should daub rust-proof oil regularly, in case of rust.

  5).the upper and lower mould concentricity, if necessary, should be corrected.

  6).install the new mould, or has good grinding mould, shall confirm the die gap and plate matching.

  (7) the abrasion of mould, also need to pay attention to, can't be ignored.

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