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YB Compact Transformer Substation

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Transformer Substation

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Product Detail

Product Description

Box-type substation is also called prefabricated substation or prefabricated substation. It is a high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage power distribution device, which organically combines the functions of transformer step-down and low-voltage power distribution, and It is installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, rodent-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, Heat-insulated, fully enclosed, movable steel structure box.


Product Advantages

mechatronics, fully enclosed operation, high safety; simple installation, simple equipment maintenance, no need for special personnel on duty; beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with the environment, and long-term outdoor use.


Product Parameter


YB Compact Transformer Substation


Ordering instructions

The customer shall provide the following information:

- Schematic diagram of primary loop and system diagram of secondary loop

- Electrical schematic diagram and terminal layout of auxiliary circuit

- Equipment layout drawing, combination drawing and floor plan

- Model, specification and quantity of main electrical components of the equipment

- Inlet and outlet methods and cable specifications

- Equipment enclosure material and color

- Other special requirements can be negotiated with the manufacturer


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