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KYN61-40.5 Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Switchgear

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High/Medium Voltage Switchgear

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Product Detail

Product Overview

KYN61-40.5 Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Switchgear is suitable for receiving and distributing electric energy, and for controlling, monitoring and protecting the circuit

Rated AC frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz, maximum working voltage to 40.5KV, maximum working current to 4000A

- Mainly used in 15KV 20KV 22KV 30KV 33KV 35KV distribution network, power plants, power systems and industrial and mining enterprises substations received electricity, distribution, can also be used for frequent start of high-voltage motors, etc

Meet many international standards: IEC60298, IEC6094, GB3906, DL404, DIN.VDE670, etc


Product parameters



Working Condition

1.1 Ambient air temperature: -15°C~~ 40°C (-25°C~~ 45°C available as customized products)

1.2 Altitude: 《1000m

1.3 Relative humidity: Daily average 《95%

Monthly average 《90%

1.4 Earthquake intensity: magnitude 《8

1.5 Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

* Note: Customized products are available.


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